Our Board of Directors is integral to the success of our team. They represent a distinguished group of leaders who provide strategic decision-making and thoughtful guidance to ensure that our vision stays on track.  Our Officers represent the leadership team that manages the various elements of FCC’s organizational structure. All together, they administer to and execute the projects approved by the Board. The Directors and Officers along with the many support personnel are all volunteers serving without compensation; they generously offer their time, talent and treasure on behalf of the poor families that we serve. 

Board of Directors & Officers *
Monsignor Francis X. Schmidt
Chairman Emeritus, a Founding Member
Anthony L. Celentano *
Reverend Charles J. Kennedy *
President and Chaplain
Deacon Peter L. Niche *
James C. Magee III *
Francis P. Egan *
Secretary to the Board
Rhys D. John *
Controller and Technology Officer
Theresa M. Gilmore *
Operations Officer
Janet T. Kita
Donor Information Coordinator
Melissa M. Coleman
Volunteer Coordinator
Kathleen J. John
New Volunteer Contact