FCC Projects

      Projects  contain the specific objectives that we focus on achieving (i.e. Goals) in this ministry.  More specifically, FCC projects are centered almost exclusively on improving the living conditions of the poor in Nicaragua, Haiti and Honduras.  As an example, Project I was Father Pfeffer’s Community in Nicaragua.  As you can imagine there is a lot of work needed to propose, qualify a site & ensure feasibility of the plans prior to committing resources.  
       Since the beginning of Father Chuck’s Challenge in 2007, we have completed the building of 1502 homes, established 24 new communities in Nicaragua and 5 new communities in Haiti.  The following tables provide a scope of the work accomplished:
      Each of these 400 square foot homes comes with a latrine, clean water, and furniture.  Using a country weighted composite of family size, the demographics suggest that these 1502 homes now shelter 9,589 of this world’s most deprived people, the majority of them children.
     In understanding the basic needs of the poor it becomes quite evident that a more holistic view should be considered in the process of allocating resources.  Social, Educational, Self-reliance and Spiritual aspects of giving are part of FCC’s ministry as well.  The tables above reflect the many community centers, medical clinics and school houses that have been included in our community projects.  To promote improved family self-sufficiency, FCC has included livestock and fruit trees, fishing boats, deep sea fishing equipment, a Workshop, Bakery and Bean farming equipment in their projects.   Lastly, but by no means least, we have made donations for the support of the local Catholic missions in both countries that we serve.    FCC inception-to-date donations, beyond the aforementioned community buildings and their furnishings, are enumerated in the following table: